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About US

About Us

One Card Credit is a newly established FinTech lending platform (ACL: 388941). We specialise in the provision of embedded and white-labelled consumer finance products.

Being part of the SkyCredit group , we’re able to leverage and combine their experience and expertise in credit risk, data analytics and technology with our cutting-edge vision to produce market leading products and solutions for our customers.

With standardised plug-and-play and customised integrations available, you can embed a finance solution into your customer journey to achieve a seamless and scalable product to elevate your business’ growth and success. From a fully white-labelled solution embedded within your customer journey to an externally linked application form, let us deliver you the perfect fintech solution.

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Our Partners



One Card Credit has partnered with Rentpay to provide their customers with a fully white-labelled finance solution embedded within the Rentpay mobile app. Eligible customers are able to access a small line of credit which can be drawn directly into their Rentpay wallet and used to pay a portion of their rent.

More information is available here:

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Fintech Services Australia

Fintech Services Australia is part of the SkyCredit group and provides services to One Card Credit. These services include, but are not limited to: Access Seeker and preliminary assessments, credit risk assessment, data analytics, software development, finance and people services.

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Contact Us

One Card Credit Pty Ltd

ACN 14120306676 ACL 388941

Email: info@onecardcredit.com.au

Phone: 1300 776 856


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